New partnership for Fresh water distribution within Makongeni village

During the last two years the Rafiki Kenia Foundation has been in discussion with the community board from the village and the Mikoko Pamoja Foundation on the possibilities of people of Makongeni village of using fresh water from the foundations existing water tower. The foundations water tower project consists of a 10 meter high watertower with pipelines connecting to the Rafiki Kenia Health Center. This year it was extended with inclusion water distribution booths which were build by the Mikoko Pamoja Foundation, a local Foundation in the Makongeni area, to provide fresh water to the people of Makongeni Village at a reasonable price.

After several discussions, in November 2015 the agreement was made that the Rafiki Kenia Foundation, the owner of the existing fresh water project, would work together with the community board, the owner of the ground and the Mikiko Pamoja Foundation to establish this water distribution points for distributing fresh water in the village. In November 2015 a contract has been signed for this project by concerned parties.

The contract has been signed for a period of 25 years. This contract does not restrict Rafiki Kenia Foundation from using the fresh water pipeline to connect to their own projects or systems. The Rafiki Kenia Foundation will undertake any additional costs for this project as it does not plan to benefit from the income generated from the distribution points. All maintenance costs will be managed by the Mikoko Pamoja Foundation.

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