Ria and Jan Hulsbosch start fishproject

Jan and Ria Hulsbsch have decided to start a fish project. The goal of this project is to take care that the fisherman from Makongeni Village have a possibility for an income now that tourism is not starting to grow fast enough. Fisherman cannot sell the fish to the hotels because there are not guests or not enough in the hotels. The Rafiki Kenia Foundation is now able to buy the fish from the fisherman due to this sponsorship. Fisherman are sometimes going to the see using a spear, an old surfboard or with a boat.

Fishing with an old surfboard   Catching the fish with a spear and a mask   By boat to the deep sea

The fish which is caught by the fisherman is transported in a bag to Makongeni. There the fish is collected by people out of the village or brought away by the fishermans or other people from the village to give away in the village. This is the way that every one has the chance to get a fish when the times come.

Fisherman are bringing the fish away in the evening   The fish is carried in a bag   This family gets a free fish

The facts:
- Fisherman have an income despite the lack of tourists. 
- Sometimes days after each other there is no fish at all. 
- People in the village have a chance to get a free fish. 
- Every one in the village has the same chance. 
- 100 fisherman have a chance to earn some money every day. 
- Emergency help is given, but the money circulates in the village. 
- In june and Juli 2008, 500 kg fish is bought from the fisherman and gave away fro free. 

The result:

- There is the joy to have a job 
- Fisherman have an income despite there are no tourists in the hotels. 
- There is no hunger 
- There is hope for a better future 

If you are interested in sponsoring fish for the people in this poor village and in this way give support to the fisherman too when tere are no tourists please transfer than your donation to account number 2641014 on behalf of Stichting Rafiki Kenia in Rotterdam please mentione "fish project"

For payment instructions see the information page or use the button (ONLINE DONEREN) on this page. The Foundation Rafiki Kenia thanks you beforehand for your contribution.