Ria and Jan Hulsbosch finance sewingschoolproject

Women get training to be a tailor.

Target / Goal of the project:

Jan and Ria Hulsbosch have decided to sponsor a tailoringschool project. The goal of this project is to take care that a number women is following tailoring classes for a period of 7 months to become a professional tailor. All the women from the village could apply for this course. In future we will therefore use a waitinglist. When the women have succesfully finished there classes and got ther certificate there is a possibility for them to apply for a micro credit to start there own tailoring business. The women learn to make dresses, uniforms, blouses, trousers etc. The teacher is by this way also able to take care for his own family.

The first 3 women who go to sewing class

A few monts ago Ria and Jan Hulsbosch ask for information at the Rafiki Kenia Foundation if it was possible to start a tailoring school project in Makongeni Village. The project started on the 23rd of june 2008 by hiring a teacher, followed by buying Singer handsewing machines. With this women get a possibility for a better life for them and their family in the future.

Th teacher prepares the sewing machines     One of the women gets private training


The facts:

- There is a tailoringschool built made of stone. 
- 15 hand sewing machines including table have been bought and. 
- 2 zigzag and 2 overlock machines and 1 embroidery machine incl. table. 
- All women from the village could apply for a place. 
- These women gets 12 months of training for which they can get a certificate. 
- After finishing their training they can apply for a micro credit to start 
   there own tailoring business. 
- A qualified teacher has been assigned to train these students. 
- On 16 november 2008 is the Rafiki Kenia Tailoring College officially opened. 

Pictures Rafiki Kenia Tailoring College:

Teacher, student and child for whom she made a schooluniform   1 Singer, zigzag and overlock machine   

The Rafiki Kenia Tailoring College   The classroom   The teacher and a student, at the back the schooluniforms which are made there


- There is happiness for having a good job 
- There is no hunger 
- There is hope for a better future 

Do you also want to sponsor a sewing machine and education by which you give a women the chance to get an income and pleasure in her work ? Please transfer than 300 Euro to account number 2641014 on behalf of Stichting Rafiki Kenia in Rotterdam please mentione "sewing school project"

For payment instructions see the information page or use the button (ONLINE DONEREN) on this page.


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