Mission and vision

Our Mission

The Rafiki Kenia Foundation's primary goal is to raise funds and collect goods in order to use these for improving the social standards of the underprivileged people in Kenia. This includes every possibility to raise funds, not limited by any exclusions. The foundation has no intention to make profit. The goals of the foundation are national and international, without making exceptions for religion or nationality. The activities of the foundation are concentrated in the Kwale district of Kenia.

Our vision

We strongly believe that every human being must be entitled to have a dry place to live, clean water to drink, a bed to sleep in, medical care he/she can afford, opportunites to learn, work and secure possibilities to build on their own future.

Working towards our vision for almost a decade, we have already achieved a lot in " Makongeni Village " and surrounding villages in the neighbourhood. The immense joy and happiness which we have seen in the people as a measurable result from the impact of our programs, continues to be the driving force of our activities. We urge and hope that the privileged society joins us in all possible ways to enable and sustain our efforts to improve human lives.

The Foundation

Since 2006, we at Rafiki Kenia Foundation are working towards the social upliftment of the people of Makongeni village and its surroundings in the Kwale district of Kenya.

Our story

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A small act of yours will go a long way in helping a child learn or a child with a bed to sleep in.


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