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Project and its goals

Makongeni is densely populated with over 1300 inhabitants. Socially backward, the families are below poverty and do not have access to healthy living conditions such as affordable healthcare, clean drinking water, electricity etc. Poor sanitation facilities are the prime cause many diseases in this village. 

The nearest hospital is too far away and people have no money to travel making it unaffordable. This forces the population to rely on natural remedies and most of the times the diseases go untreated resulting death. We also observed that pregnant women suffered and child deaths were inevitable under preventable conditions. Doctorspost project was started in 2006 with a single room and a professional Doctor to provide basic and affordable healthcare to the villagers. Within the first year of operation we understood that this had to expand.

We saw that the lack of space people were put on an emergency bed outside the Doctorspost till space was freed up within the hospital. People died.

The Doctorspost reached its limits. Increasing demands and shortage of both hygienic and medical supplies, limited us not only from treating pregnant women at child birth and but also doing basic diagonstic tests to identify common diseases such as malaria. We revived the project in 2007 with the help of generous sponsors and built new Doctorspost – Rafiki Kenia Health Centre. We are happy to have become instrumental in saving over 150 lives and facilitating the birth of 100 children.

Outcome, facts and figures

  • The nearest hospital is too far away for the people;

  • Malaria or common diseases can be tested;

  • 100 successful childbirths since inception;

  • Over 150 diseased people have been saved successfully;

  • The hospital treats 3000-3500 patients annually.

We need your support

Good medical supplies and equipments are imperative to run the health care centre. We are also confronted  with the fact that people have to make the difficult choice between “food” or “health/medical treatment”. In Kenya there is no social system where every-body is automatically insured for medical treatment. Hence the healthcare services must be affordable.

Our healthcare center is run by a lot of volunteers locally and the income we generate from other projects run by the foundation. To sustain the healthcare services we need finances to support the ongoing costs of staff and medical supplies. Being non-profit, the can be possible by the generous support of donors (both in cash and kind).

We seek your support in our collective effort to improve healthy conditions in the Kwai district of Kenya.


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Since 2006, we at Rafiki Kenia Foundation are working towards the social upliftment of the people of Makongeni village and its surroundings in the Kwale district of Kenya.

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