The football field is ready

One Women also help a lotof the wishes from the people in Makongeni Village is to join sports game in a safe way. In this village without electricity and thus without television, this is one of the few forms of entertainment for the people. For instance with every practice of the soccer team a lot of people from the village are looking. The new Rafiki Kenia Soccer ground will be officially opened on the 16th of november 2008. All the work on the field is finished, it is only waiting till the grass is growing.




      The old field   Old and young are working together   Women also help a lot

All income which we will get by exploiting the footballfield will be used for the operating costs of the new doctorspost from which the building has been started in june 2008. When the soccer ground is opened it will be one of the best in the surrounding of Mombasa. This most probably means that a lot of matches are going to be played on this field. This also gives extra income for the little shops in the village of Makongeni. Money fot this shops will automatically mean more money in the circulation of the village.

Man working on the field   Stones which are removed by hand   The result in June 2008

The facts:

  • The old field had not enough grass, but is has a lot of stones, coral. 
  • Children and adults could not play soccer on a safe way on this field. 
  • Stones were on the surface or just under it.
  • A lot of people see this as there only entertainment. The Rafiki Kenia Challenge Cup
  • Women, man and children have worked hard to make this field safe. 
  • Stones from average of 80cm were removed by hand. 
  • The tools: a wheel barrel, shovels and material to break the stones.
  • The gaosl are already on the field, the nets are already bought. 
  • After the opening it will be one of the best fields in the surrounding. 
  • The sizes of the field are international. 
  • The footballfield generates income for a lot of people in the village. 
  • Everything is ready for the opening, only we wish the grass grows better from now. 
  • 2 persons are appointed to maintain the footballfield. 
  • A youth footballteam has been founded they are trained every day.

Opening Rafiki Kenia Football Ground - 16 November 2008:

Making the lines on the field   The banner at the side of the road  

Rafiki Boys   Community Toilet donated by East African Care   Children of Makongeni sing the national anthem

Petra opens the footballfield   The crowd   Chairman WT-Safaris hands over the Rafiki Kenia Challenge Cup to the first winners


  • Young and old worked on aproject which which seem to be impossibel 
  • Young and old can play sports in a safe way. 
  • The village is proud of their new footballfield. 
  • There is hope for abetter future, due to the income of the footballfield 

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