Football (Soccer) field for Makongeni village


Project and its goals

Sport enables inclusion resulting in an increased social cohesion and social capital among people of all levels both young and adult. It engages people in their communities through volunteering which often results in higher levels of leadership, community engagement and partnership in the society. 

Driven by that thought, support from the people in Makongeni Village and a open field we started the Foodball field project. The lack of electricity and television proved as a catalyst to the support and overwhelming response from the villagers.  Every practice of the soccer team there is a huge participation of villagers from in and around the community. 

The new Rafiki Kenia Soccer ground was fully finished and officially opened on the 16th of november 2008. The football field is one of the best in the surrounding areas of Mombasa and attracts communities for local and district matches. 

With increasing matches, the foundation aims to help the local community monetize the opportunity by setting up day-shops which will cater to the cheering crowd while giving the sellers an extra source of income. Thus enabling and improving lives gradually.

Outcome, facts and figures

  • The old field had a lot of stones and coral. Lack good grass made it unsafe for soccer games;
  • With the help of local community (men and women) and volunteers stones and corals were removed by hand and tools (barrel, shovels etc.) from a depth of about 80 cm;
  • Soccer(Football) field is of international size;
  • Maintained by two local individuals who are employed by the foundation;
  • Revenue opportunities during the games are capitalized by the local community. Local community is happy as they are able to generate an additional income during the games.

We need your support

  • We perform periodic maintenance of the field and sponsor football matches for the community. This helps the local community to actively participate, volunteer and explore opportunities to sell small items (food and soft-drinks) during the
  • Finance is required to sustain the maintenance of this field and sponsor matches. We would appreciate your contribution in any way feasible to be able to sustain this project.

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Since 2006, we at Rafiki Kenia Foundation are working towards the social upliftment of the people of Makongeni village and its surroundings in the Kwale district of Kenya.

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