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Families in Makongeni live in homes made of sticks and mud without windows, electricity water or sanitation. Usually there is only on bed per family and 85% of the children sleep on the ground or in broken beds made up of gunny sacks.

Sleeping on ground in unhealthy mattress raises the threats of being bitten or infected by rodents crawling on the floor. Since the houses are build poorly without proper foundations and safeguards, incidents caused from such threats are very common.

We believe that sleeping healthy is a right that every human should be entitled to. The joy of having ones own bed cannot be described more aptly than the joy expressed by the character Michael Oher in the movie “The Blind Side” when he gets his own bed.

To address the risks and be a part of that joy, the “Bed for a child” was formulated. One of the key goals was to provide beds and matresses for at least one child per family. Every family could register their name for a bed. We have been able to provision more than 150+ beds for children in the village. 

Outcome, facts and figures

  • Within the period of 2006-2008, children of 105 familes have bed and matresses to sleep;
  • The project has spinned of the workshop project, where beds are made;
  • Young people are trained to be a carpenters as a spin-off from this project;
  • We have donated 150+ beds so far;
  • Children are better prepared to go to school after a healthy sleep;
  • Incidents caused due to insect bites and infections affecting children who sleep on the floor have reduced considerably;

We seek your support 

We have started building beds in our Jan Hublosch Carpentary workshop. Meeting the exsiting demands is not possible with the limited skillset and productivity. Some beds are bought form the local Mombassa market. A bed from size 1.83 meter (6 feet) at 1.22 meter (4 feet) included matresses costs Euro 60,00.

We seek your support (in cash or kind) in our collective effort to ensure that every child in the Kwai district of Kenya has a bed to sleep at night.

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Since 2006, we at Rafiki Kenia Foundation are working towards the social upliftment of the people of Makongeni village and its surroundings in the Kwale district of Kenya.

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