Tailoring college for women


Project and its goals

Vocational education prepares people to work in a trade. The tailoring college aims to empower the women of the village and surroundings with professional skills in tailoring. The course runs for a duration of 7 months. All the women from the village are eligible to apply for this course.

Women are taught to stitch dresses, uniforms, blouses, trousers etc. The teacher is by this way also able to take care for his own family. Successful candidates receive a certificate from the school which enables them to apply for a micro credit for starting their own tailoring business.

Jan and Ria Hulsbosch are the key sponsors of this project and the brain behind this idea. The project started on the 23rd of June 2008 by a teacher, followed by the purchase of few Singer hand-sewing machines. The college was opened officially on 16th Nov 2008. We have been successful in equipping women in the surrounding with a key skill that has helped them explore revenue opportunities.

Outcome, facts and figures

  • Cost of the building a basic tailoring school was 2.250 Eur approximately. The building is made of stones;
  • We have four hand sewing and two zigzag machines including tables. Equipment costs were 1,350.00 approximately;
  • Women from the village could apply for the course;
  • Three candidates from all applicants are selected by the teacher, based on their predefined crieteria's;
  • Costs of material(clothes, threads etc.) during these 7 months for 3 women, approximately 500,00 euro is sponsored by the foundation;
  • After finishing their training they are qualified to apply for a micro-credit to organisations as well as the foundation to start their own tailoring business;
  • Salary costs for the qualified teacher who undertakes the training for 7 months, approximately 560,00 euro is sponsored by the foundation;
  • On 16 November 2008 is the Rafiki Kenia Tailoring College officially opened.

We need your support

Financial support is required to sustain this initiative of empowering women of in the village. Enabling and empowering women, we belive strengthens the society we live in. With your support we can increase the number of intakes and definitlely make more women able enough to earn their own livelihood. We seek your support in any form you please.

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